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Ymani Efunyale, CWSP, LPC

Ymani is a doula, Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner and Breastfeeding Counselor and is working on completing her certification as a Doula, Childbirth Educator and Colon Hydrotherapist.  She enjoys nature, camping and crocheting.

Ymani is the mother of two children, both of whom she birthed naturally (without drugs) and breast fed.  Her career as birth worker, was influenced by her own midwife, who, after witnessing the birth of her son, suggested that Ymani teach other women how to give birth.  Upon learning that her mother gave birth to her alone in a hospital, Ymani’s mission in birth work became to ensure that women do not give birth alone.  As a doula, she wishes to help women have the birth experience they desire while bringing their babies into the world safely.

Ymani received her first Womb Sauna womb steam while hosting a spa party for her birthday.  She was so inspired by the experience that in less than three months, she too became a Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner.  Ymani believes that The Womb Sauna has the power to heal the world and she is determined to make sure every woman she knows has this empowering experience.

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