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The Womb SaunaDoula and Child Birth ServicesWorkshops

The Womb Sauna

The Womb Sauna method of vaginal steaming is a psycho-social-emotional means of self care and self healing for women. Harness the creative power of your womb to heal yourself and create the life you want to live today! #LoveThyWomb

Doula and Child Birth Services

Full spectrum doulas, breast feeding counselors, blessingway facilitators, naming ceremony facilitators, belly casting and more.


Love Thyself Way, Inc offers a variety of workshops on many topics in birthwork, womb work and female development. Join us for our womb wellness sister circles and birth story cafes.

Love Thyself Way

Empowering women as they embark on a sacred  journey from menarche to menopause, through  pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum with self-care healing practices and techniques.


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